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Leucistic White-tailed deer catching a snowflake on their tongue.
“This is the other Jaglion, he’s about the size of a lioness with the rosettes of a jaguar.”
Leucistic Hippo amongst a normally pigmented group.
Leucistic Red Kite.

Anonymous said: Is this your main blog? Or do you keep this as a side account?

This is just a side blog I keep up as a hobby.

My main/reblog blog exists somewhere else.



A Cross fox, a color variation of the Red Fox.

I have to re-blog this to explain that this is just an ARCTIC FOX in it’s SUMMER PELT.

So I have to reblog to explain something myself. 
This fox pictured above is a Red fox, this one pictured below is an Arctic fox with a summer pelt—similar look, but not the same.

Very different shapes and colors at play here which help you tell the difference (which isn’t to say that all Arctic foxes have the same pelts in the summer—some have this mostly brown with a lighter under belly, some are all blackish-brown).
Red foxes have longer ears with sharp tips, longer faces, etc. Arctic foxes have a bit more of a hunched posture like the fellow posted here, they keep their heads more level with the shoulder than the Red Fox. They also have a more rounded, bushy tail in all seasons— including when they are wearing their lighter summer coat.
The Cross fox first pictured just has a thin coat, some red foxes have thin coats for a variety of reasons. Also the Cross fox first pictured lives in Idaho (as said in the source)—so unless we are having a great Ice Age upon us there aren’t going to be Arctic Foxes running around there in the wild. 
White throated sparrow with a deformed bill.

As an additional reminder on the note of submissions.

While submitting things that you found on Tumblr from another blog give me ideas of new content to look for, I don’t reblog almost anything that already exists on this site.

This blog is mostly for finding new images to add to Tumblr that can’t already be found here.

A Cross fox, a color variation of the Red Fox.