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“Hypo variation of Coast Gartersnake Thamnophis elegans
San Mateo California.This bright hypo morph, color variation on the left is found only in the San Francisco peninsula. This apparently is a natural hypo population by its genetic occurrence of about one out of ten. Recessive mutation that removes melanin (black) pigment. Amelanistics are varying shades of red, white, yellow and orange.”
A King Cheetah, which is not a separate breed, just a color mutation. This particular cheetah is also brandishing something of a mane!
A cinnamon colored Black Bear. Black Bears actually come in a variety of colors other than black!

vanconver asked: just wanted to tell you that i've worked personally with that brushtail possum you posted! his name is fidget and he lives at a wildlife sanctuary in Tasmania that i interned at, he's been there since he was a joey and likes climbing all over people, he also bites very hard! what a coincidence eh?

Wow, how cool! I only found the photo on flickr when looking for abnormal color variations in animals. Small world!

“Golden possums are a genetic mutation of the common brushtail possum.”
A male piebald Dromedary Camel.
Look at that blue eye!
A sparsely patterned Giraffe.

Photo by Jacques S G.
A Red Chondrodysplastic-Dwarf Dexter cow.
Dwarfism in cattle can vary from case to case. Some are born fairly average looking and grow to look like the cow above, others become quite deformed as a fetus and die in utero (Dexter cattle that inherit two copies of the ACAN mutation will abort during the third trimester). Most often in cattle dwarfism the head, spine and limvs are malformed. Improper cartilage formation results in a bone that is disorganized and a skeletal system that is shorter than normal. 

Recently hit more than 500 followers! Maybe I’ll post some extra content today in honor of that.

Unusual skulls that once belonged to a Opossum, a White Tailed deer, and a goose. These could have been caused by a strange genetic issue or an injury at some point in (likely their early) lives.