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A piebald-ish looking Southern Right Whale, this creature has very interesting coloration.
Photograph by Ken “Whaleman” Moore
Original Source.
Blind twenty year old Leopard in the Austin Zoo.
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octoanus said: I don't suppose you have anything on 'octopig' from a few years ago. It had 8 legs and multiple genitalia as well.

No I don’t, but I have seen it around Tumblr a few times. 

For the most part I try to stick to not posting images that are already well circulated on this site.

Anonymous said: Hello, I really love your blog! I do have one question though, have you ever seen albinism or any other pigment deformity in fish? If not do you know what is different in fish that causes no deformity to occur? I'm sorry if that seems like a silly question.

Not a silly question at all! Fish, along with every living animal, have pigment (in this case on their scales/skin). So if something has pigment there is always a chance a few can be born with pigment abnormalities. 

I’ve posted a few fish with such characteristics like this partially leucistic European Plaice and this young Albino Sturgeon.

Piebald Impala.
Original Source.
Three legged White-tailed doe and friend.
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Crow with abnormally long beak.
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Cape Buffalo with a very unusual horn deformity.
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Anonymous said: Hey are you a dude?

I dunno, are you?

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