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The unusually curly coated Mangalitsa pig is a recovering domestic pig breed valued for their meat that is higher in fat than other domestic breeds.
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An antlered White-tailed doe. 
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A group of Ankole Cattle.
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Anonymous said: Have you considered putting a disclaimer under the image, saying PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE SOURCE? It might not be much, but it might make the person re-consider what they're doing. Maybe you can try it for a little while, and if that helps lower these occurrences..... Their actions are really inconsiderate.

I could try. I just feel like adding more language about not removing it might encourage people to remove it just as a spite thing? I’ve talked to people who I knew years ago in my first few years of college about source removable and they said they do it so their blog looks nicer. The bigger the disclaimer the more likely they were to remove it?

I try to source it as best I can, with the three different links in the photo and in the comments. Maybe I’ll give it a shot! It can’t hurt I guess.

Thanks for the idea!

Anonymous said: Any word on how Octogoat is doing?

I haven’t found any sources that have updated on it, but I assume it is dead.

As you may have noticed it wasn’t doing well in the first place (even a newborn goat should be standing up), it didn’t look like it had much life in it. Animals with twin fusing that incomplete don’t make it.

This two headed Fire Salamander apparently lived for a year and half, it is now a preserved specimen.
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A maneless male African Lion in Nambia.
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“Meet Deb (Deformed Beak acronym).
As you can see, she has a crossed upper and lower beak. Her tongue is also permanantly extruded. In spite of this deformity she is looking healthy and can feed well. 
Tui often reject birds that are sick. They also have a hierarchy/pecking order. However Deb is (from my observations) accepted as a lower status female and I have seen her sharing the feeder with a male on several occasions.”

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littlest-finch said: Any nature blogs you would recommend following? Love your blog it's incredibly interesting and inspiring please keep it up!

Wow, sorry for the super late reply—my job has been hectic.

The few nature blogs I follow on my main blog include:






I just have a lot of opinions on things about nature related things and it is hard for me to find blogs that remain at least neutral.

Koala with heterochromia.
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